A Guide to Choose The Perfect Design For Your Retractable Pergola In Dubai

A Guide to Choose The Perfect Design For Your Retractable Pergola In Dubai (1)

Every homeowner in Dubai with an open space looks forward to improving the curb appeal of their home. Now, the most recent type of sliding roof system—automatic retractable pergola—is here to help. It not only improves the appearance of your home, but it also enhances its resale value. Many homeowners prefer it because of its exceptional design and functionality.

However, you must install the right automatic retractable pergola for your home. To ensure this, you should follow a few tips when selecting one for your home. Here are the best options available: 

Before purchasing any new item for your home, you should create an estimated budget. This will assist you in selecting the best pergola with a retractable roof for your home. After determining your budget, make a list of your preferred material and size, and then search for the best options based on your budget and preferences.

  • Complement the decor

While noting the preferred material and size, make sure to take a quick look around your home’s interiors and choose a shade that complements the décor. However, neutral shades are recommended as they look neater and block the sun’s harsh UV rays.

  • Capacity to Add luxury touches

Many homeowners in Dubai are also selecting pergolas to add lavish touches, bringing them fully into the twenty-first century. Lighting (fairy lights are popular), fans (which keep the space cool in the summer), and retractable canopies or motor-driven slats are some of the premium additions (for sunlight penetration) to your automatic retractable pergolas.

Where Can Automatic Retractable Pergolas be Installed?

Modern automatic retractable pergolas can be placed almost anywhere you want. Many people enjoy having a structure like a pergola over a deck or patio as it can transform the outdoor space into an extension of the home’s interior. To create a true living area, chairs, tables, a grill, and other furnishings can be added.

Automatic Retractable Pergolas are also best for casting shade over a pool, jacuzzi, or spa. You can add privacy screens and patio covers to get more privacy, making this a low-maintenance option with added beauty.

Finally, automatic retractable pergolas are always popular in gardens or walkways that need to be highlighted. Climbing vines or colorful plants can be added for greater emphasis if you have wonderful architectural elements.

How Do You Select The Best Size For Your Automatic Retractable Pergola?

Consider the size and dimensions of your home and any relevant structures when deciding on the size of your automatic retractable pergola. A small retractable pergola attached to the side of a large building (or vice versa) may appear out of place.

Make sure you carefully measure the area to ensure it has enough space for your needs and takes exact size measurements – width, length, height, and area size – for your automatic retractable pergola order. To provide adequate headroom, many professional retractable pergola designers in Dubai recommend a minimum retractable pergola height of 230cm / 7’6″.

What About The Finishing Touches?

Your automatic retractable pergola is as unique as you are. There are countless ways to add the finishing touches to your automatic retractable pergola to complement the style of your home and reflect your personal tastes, whether you are looking for an outdoor space for alfresco dining or garden soirees at home.

Look through an extensive selection of outdoor furniture, which includes lounge and sofa collections, bar and dining additions, sun loungers, daybeds, and more, to help you create the ideal environment for socializing and relaxing. Don’t forget to add color and texture with cushions and soft furnishings, as well as some stylish lighting options for long summer evenings, and a heater for cooler days and nights.

Automatic Retractable Pergolas – A Wonderful Addition!

Whether you want more privacy when swimming, a new way to protect your patio furniture, or to create an exquisite outdoor space to entertain guests, automatic retractable pergolas can make your visions a reality. Contact 800PERGOLA today to learn more about the numerous advantages our automatic retractable pergolas provide. Installation of automatic retractable pergolas in your space is the best addition from professional retractable pergola manufacturers in Dubai, for expertise to trustworthiness, and for customizable features to materials used.