6 Ways To Spend Your Day Under Pergolas

6 Ways To Spend Your Day Under Pergolas

Isn’t this the most beautiful time of the year? 

It’s summer, the season that gets the most positive attention. 

People want to go out a lot, spend time at the beach, and just hang out with their friends during this time. You may be such a homebody that the thought of leaving your house daily does not appeal to you. 

But do you still need to channel some of that summer energy? 

Having a pergola is fantastic, but using it uniquely makes it even more appealing. You get to have friends willing to stay over without much prodding. They’ll also have plenty of compliments to give on occasion. 

So, let’s see the different ways how can you spend your day under the pergola with the guidance of an expert pergola development company in Dubai: 

One of the most popular ways for an outdoor aluminum pergola is to create a yummy meals area beneath it. On warm summer evenings, pull out your patio table and a few chairs underneath and enjoy family and friend evening snacks outside. But that isn’t all. If you want a lavish breakfast on the weekends, try setting up a delicious breakfast table outside and enjoying your favorite delicacies while enjoying some sunshine and a cool morning breeze.

To add more elegance to your meals area, add a few curtains that can block sunlight and wind while also providing privacy and adding a lot more visual appeal to your outdoor space.

  • Poolhouse

Do you enjoy swimming in a pool, even if it is only an inflatable one? Transform your small wooden Pergola into a pool house where you can dry off and change in peace. The wooden sliding doors or screens provide the required privacy while also protecting you from the sun and wind.

Dive into the pool, dry off, relax… and then do it again!

  • Relaxing Space

Are you the more outdoorsy type who prefers to unwind and spend time in nature? Then you can use your wooden pergola in Dubai hills to create a relaxing space. Set up a few couches and cushioned chairs, and sit back and relax with your family and friends. You can spend some time in the evening with your loved ones doing your favorite activities. It can be a great place to keep an eye on your children as they play in the yard. At the same time, it is the most effective way to spend quality time in nature.

  • Games Room

Do you enjoy watching movies? Have you ever wanted your own movie theater? Make one in your backyard: beneath your aluminum roof pergola! You can binge-watch your favorite films and series all day thanks to the pergola, projector holder, screens, and sockets!

Or would you rather organize an evening gaming session with your friends? You can adjust the lighting to your liking with the dimmable LED lighting system. You can also choose RGB lighting, similar to what you’d find on a gaming keyboard.

  • Napping Spot

If your home is a hive of activity, consider establishing an outdoor napping area with the help of a pergola. While the rest of the family is busy with indoor chores, your pergola can be the ideal place to catch a few zzzs. Set up a few deck chairs, couches, or porch swings beneath the shady pergola for some deep relaxation and quiet time in your backyard. Some of the advantages include birdsong and a pleasant-smelling fragrance from the greens in your yard, which will all help you fall asleep easily.

  • Garden Feel

How about growing climbing plants over the roof of a pergola to create a cool garden area during the hottest months of the year? It’s a particularly appealing shade option if you want your wooden garden pergola with a roof to be attached to the house as it creates an appealing view from upstairs windows.

There are numerous plants to choose from, but fast-growing flowering vines will provide both shade and glow in a relatively short period of time – typically just a few years.

Reach 800PERGOLA to Add to your Day! 

There are numerous other ways to make the most of your day with the help of pergolas. You can use it as a meditation space or build an ideal outdoor summer kitchen. The options are limitless. All of these advantages, however, are only available if you work with a reputable pergola development company in Dubai such as 800PERGOLA. We have an infinite number of pergola designs and styles to choose from. Get in touch with us today to learn more about adding to your day!