6 Ways To Get Your Backyard Ready For Winter

6 Ways To Get Your Backyard Ready For Winter

Winter has already arrived in Dubai. But are you ready to host the get-togethers and gatherings at your home? Is your backyard ready for outdoor lounging for winter gatherings? If not yet, do not worry much. A little prep goes a long way. To help you with that we have curated six tips and those are as follows:

Get Your Garden, Winter Ready

Due to the hot summer season, some plants and shrubs might have burnt off. Cut off the dead plants and prune back on weeds. Choose your winter plants. The months of winter are great for trying your hands on a variety of plants. Add fertilizers before planting winter flowers so they will bloom their best not just in winter but last longer until the next summer cycle. You can choose from organic as well as chemical fertilizer options. If you want to utilize the space, go for vertical stands for planters. You could also plant some veggies like broccoli, spring onions, and lettuce in winter. They look fantastic and you get ingredients for a salad.

Add Pergola for Privacy

The only solution to have privacy in your backyard is adding pergola shades. Pergolas do not just give privacy but also add charm to the overall look of your backyard. The patio with a wooden pergola looks inviting and welcoming to your guests to have winter parties. You can add curtains, and decors to set the mood and create ambiance. If you wish to install a smart pergola or a motorized pergola, Choose the best pergola supplier in Dubai – 800PERGOLA, for easy installation of a customized pergola and transform your backyard into an outdoor party lounge.

Get Faux Grass Carpet

Add a splash of greenery to your outdoor space and make your backyard kid’s and pets-friendly by adding a faux grass carpet. It needs less maintenance as compared to a real lawn. No need of mowing the lawn or deep clean the grass to enjoy the party season if you install an artificial grass carpet.

Invest in Some Outdoor Furniture and Covers

If you really want to be the best host of winter parties, the first and foremost thing you must have is plenty of seating for your guests. Invest in a good outdoor sofa set or dining set. For additional seating options, if you have a large backyard, you can get installed swings or loungers. Do not over-clutter the space, be creative instead and add artificial decors, and fancy cushion covers, and decorate with outdoor rugs and throws.

Outdoor BBQ

Without barbeque, winter outdoor parties are incomplete! Invest in some good fixed or portable BBQ set depending on the space availability. You can also opt for a fixed BBQ set if you plan outdoor parties very often. A patio pergola with a small outdoor kitchen, BBQ, grill, and bar is the best to enjoy winter evening parties. Your guests will have the best dining experience with you in your outdoor living space-covered patio.

Set the Mood With String Lights, Lanterns, and Decor

To set the ambiance in your outdoor space, lighting plays an important role. Add lights in walkways, the pergola, and the overall backyard to make sure you and your guests can move easily around the house. You can set the mood with string lights, lanterns, or outdoor chandeliers, to elevate the space at night.

Make your backyard winter-ready with 800PERGOLA, the leading Pergola installation company in Dubai and get ready to enjoy the party season.

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