5 Ways of Celebrating an event in outdoor gardens with Retractable Pergolas!

5 Ways of Celebrating an event in outdoor gardens with Retractable Pergolas!

Looking for simple ways to make your outdoor gardens stand out? Retractable pergola designs are the way to go.

A garden pergola is a fantastic focal point feature for a patio or deck, as well as a great way to create extra garden shade ideas. In fact, a garden retractable pergola is an easy way to add height to a one-level garden or create a breakaway zone and areas of privacy in a large or open outdoor space. It is ideal for gardens or outdoor areas that lack structure or visual points of interest.

Undoubtedly, pergolas are simple to install and provide a more permanent alternative to awning-style shades that can be attached to the back or side of a property as a semi-sheltered extension of your garden space. Let’s have a look at the unique ways of celebrating an event in outdoor gardens with such pergolas:

Entertain garden outdoors all season round

Increase the size of your outdoor garden space by installing an aluminium pergola with roof to create a semi-shaded dining area that is easily accessible from the house. When the sun is at its hottest, a slatted roof provides welcome shade and is the ideal location for a dining table, chairs, and benches.

Make your dining experience more comfortable by placing an outdoor rug beneath the dining table. Suspend strings of twinkly festoon lights and paper lanterns from the beams to illuminate the space after dark, allowing you to spend more time outside.

Choose a shady location for seating

A wooden garden pergola with roof is ideal for creating an outdoor seating area with a garden sofa, bench, or modular seating. Transform the space into an outdoor living room, with furniture arranged in a sociable face-to-face configuration or positioned outward-facing to take in the view of the garden.

Instead of a natural wood finish, opt for a dark grey or black finish on a timber pergola. Using a dark colour creates a more dramatic backdrop that looks great when paired with colorful garden cushions, outdoor rugs, and furniture. Dark colors also serve as a backdrop for greenery and plants, enhancing their vibrancy.

Stretch your space with an extra-large pergola

Choose a large wooden pergola to cover a larger garden space outside. Extending an overhead structure over the entire patio area will keep the space fully functional for a longer period of time.

Divide the space into sections for cooking, dining, and relaxing by placing furniture in clearly defined zones. Suspended outdoor lighting and greenery from overhead timbers will help to section off and visually divide the space.

With such a large structure, a light-toned wood that will not overpower the space is preferable to a very dark shade. Hanging greenery, foliage, and flowers in strategic locations will also help to soften the linear appearance of the timber.

Hang lanterns for added radiance after dark

Suspend a colorful array of fabric lanterns from the beams of a small wooden pergola to create a magical atmosphere on summer evenings outdoors. Cluster them above a dining table to create a stunning focal point that will impress guests when entertaining.

For a pretty clustered effect, suspend lanterns from colored ribbon or cord, staggering the heights and alternating the colors. Use solar lanterns, which charge in the sun during the day and turn on automatically as dusk falls.

Set up an outdoor kitchen under cover

Place your outdoor kitchen ideas beneath a freestanding pergola to protect them from the elements. While it won’t provide complete protection from the sun and rain, it will create a more sheltered area that will provide welcome relief from the sun when it’s at its hottest. When it comes to outdoor cooking equipment, having an open-roofed structure is also recommended because it allows for plenty of ventilation, preventing smoke, steam, and fumes from building up.

This type of standalone pergola can also be used to define different sections and activity zones in a larger outdoor garden space. An overhead structure makes an area instantly more visible, making it more obvious to guests as a gathering point, whether it’s an outdoor kitchen, dining area, or garden seating ideas.

What is the Best Pergola Roof?

The best pergola roof depends, to a large extent, on personal style and budget, but also on how much shelter you require for your space.

An attachable canvas awning is versatile and one of the less expensive options. Some pergola designs allow you to choose from a variety of colors to match your garden’s color scheme. They’re also great for adjusting the amount of shade, especially if they can be pulled open and closed.

Corrugated plastic or metal can be inexpensively added to an existing pergola structure and are both extremely durable. They’re ideal for keeping your area dry (and the sound of rain pattering overhead can be quite soothing), but because they’re attached directly to the beams above, they’re not adjustable.

High-tech louvered roofs are more expensive, but they are adjustable, allow air flow when needed, and, in some cases, are water-tight when closed. Windproof screens, ambient LED perimeter lighting, and instant infrared heaters are available as options, providing the ultimate luxury, all-weather outdoor living space that provides the customer with full control of the elements 365 days a year.

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