5 Easy Hacks to Beautify Your Pergola


Pergolas are the perfect spot to chill out with your friends. One of the main advantages of the pergola is that you can keep beautifying them by adding external elements. In fact, you can customize the interiors of pergolas based on your likes and dislikes. These beautification ideas can help you create a zen corner in your house to relax from the hustle and bustle of today’s modern life. Furthermore, the way you decorate your pergolas by adding some plants or making a trail for growing your favorite climber offers a treat to both your soul and eyes.

Here are the top five ideas that you can use to beautify your pergola with the help of the best pergola sub-contractors in Dubai

1. Bistro Lights

The romance and charm that bistro lights add to your pergolas are really unbeatable. No other accessories are capable of completely turning the mood of your pergolas as bistro lights do. The addition of strings of lights can help you in creating an ambiance and warmth that you will really love to experience. In fact, enjoying outdoor night parties in your house will no longer scare you with the addition of sufficient light by hanging the bistro lights on your pergolas.

2. Chandeliers

The luxury of hanging chandeliers in the middle of your pergolas will definitely level up your house elegance. Undoubtedly, the entire Dubai market is full of chandeliers available in various designs and materials, creating confusion. But the experienced pergola contractors in Dubai can help you choose the one that complements your pergola design and material that goes well with your outdoor space. 

For instance, choosing a metal chandelier is not a good idea as per the opinion of Aluminium pergola sub-contractors in Dubai as it would easily rust in the outdoors. Moreover, avoid chandeliers that would swing badly in the wind outdoors. 

3. Plants

The addition of some greenery is the perfect hack to make your pergolas look the most appealing to your loved ones and others visitors. However, the selection of the plant species to be added can be a bit tricky task. You can consider certain tropical plants such as Calatheas, Begonias, and Philodendrons that grow well in shady and humid conditions. But be careful as it might make your pergola look congested by overdoing the space with unnecessary plants. 

Another alternative is to go for the latest trend of climbing vines instead of adding flowering plants to invite bees. These hanging plants will also help you to save the utility space in your pergolas by covering the roofs. 

4. Swing

Imagine spending some quality time in the hammock of a pergola with your favorite book in your hands. Wouldn’t that bring some relaxing and soothing hours to your hectic and stressful life?

Regardless of age, we all get excited to spend the peaceful environmental space in a swing bench, chair, or hammock based on our likes. In fact, swings add a unique style element to your pergolas. Apart from making you feel loveable while sitting on a swing under a pergola, such addition can bring elegance and an aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space making your neighbors feel zealous. However, discuss with the best Aluminium pergola contractors in Dubai to choose the swing design as per the pergola theme to give it a perfect fit.

5. Curtains

Can you believe that interior style accessories such as curtains can bring a beachside cabana vibe to your outdoor space as an addition to your pergolas? Yes, it really does so.

Are you someone who loves beach vibes?

If the answer is YES, then curtains are probably the first thing you should add to your pergolas.

Be very choosy while looking for the curtains for your pergolas. The experienced pergola contractors in Dubai recommend weatherproof curtains that won’t wear off in the harsh sunlight. Moreover, go in for light colors that work in excellent sync with your outdoor space and pergola designs. 


The additions of some external accessories will obviously give your pergolas a character and add to your outdoor space’s beauty. However, make sure not to overdo your pergola space, as simplicity is the key to the appealing look. Adding up a few things as per your taste and suitability is more than enough to brighten your mood and soothe your soul.

If you haven’t yet got your pergola constructed, approach the 800 PERGOLA team without wasting a single minute. Call them right away to discuss and bring your ideas to life with their most experienced and skilled pergola contractors. Moreover, discussing your ideas with them will prevent the future need for any further construction-related works and help you to decorate your pergolas like a pro.

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