3 Benefits Of Using Thermowood Pergola

3 Benefits of Using Thermowood Pergola

Here at 800PERGOLA, while we always pure timber at its most natural and sustainable characteristic, we are also getting ahead of the time with the use of timber technology to increase its appeal or performance.

Things are getting interesting with the most advanced Thermowood also known as thermally modified wood. It’s growing in popularity here in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. Our Pergolas are also getting in shape with this cutting-edge material.

So, what is Thermowood?

Suitable for its name, thermally modified hardwood or softwood is heat treated to reveal some of the most interesting benefits. The wood is processed using a fully natural and non-toxic treatment, where it’s actually baked to a temperature of more than 100 degrees.

The heating process is done in an environment where there is a lack of oxygen and organic compounds are removed from the timber cells to modify the timber permanently.

The outcome is a more stable timber product, with minimal moisture absorption. The timber’s durability is improved along with eliminating the risk of insects and fungi which usually cause timber damage with little to feed on. With pretty much no water content, Thermowood is certainly lightweight, making it suitable for various applications.

Along with its internal structure changing as a result of intense heat treatment, Thermowood is visibly different too. Thermally-modified wood usually has a rich, dark brown appearance – offering an attractive, and almost exotic look.

This chocolaty colour can be retained with the correct finishing or can be left to weather naturally to a grey shade, a choice of most architects and developers.

For thermal modification, so many varieties of tree species are used, including Ash, Spruce, Pine, Frake, and Ayous. Oak is not usually preferred for the modification since its already durable with its natural properties, but many are using thermal modification practices to enhance its appearance.

Why should you choose thermally modified wood?

Thermowood has so many advantages over natural wood for pergola because of its lightweight and dimensional stability which are two of many factors a normal durable pergola requires.

With its durability and minimal moisture content, thermowood when used for pergolas it doesn’t warp or change shape. It’s the most durable material for pergolas ensuring excellent performance with very minimal maintenance. Its resistance to mold, decay, and insects is another advantage.

Thermowood isn’t just great for pergolas but it’s great for the environment too as we have discovered:

Thermowood is processed using only heat and water vapor, where, on the other hand, usually the timber is treated using chemicals, which allows the procedure to be much more environmentally friendly. Maybe this is why, we at 800PERGOLA are getting more inquiries for pergolas made with Thermowood as this process, along with its strength improves its durability.

The notable benefit here is the chemical-free process used to modify the wood is also good for health when compared with other chemical options. Even when it comes into contact with chemically-treated timber or breathing in the air that encircles it can be harmful to human health. Thermowood is thus a healthy and safe choice for the commonly found pressure-treated timber.

Thermowood is usually treated in its entirety and right through to its core. This suggests that you can saw it and mill it without these processes negatively impacting the protective qualities of the wood. And that is, also one of the main reasons why Thermowood is increasingly used for outdoor applications, here with our case – in Pergolas. However, thermowood comes with a few downsides as well. One of them is lowered flexibility. As thermowood is dryer than usual timber, it’s also more difficult to obtain a beautiful saw cut. A sharp blade is therefore needed.

How can I choose the highest quality Thermowood?

The simple answer is – with 800PERGOLA!

You will find the best quality thermowood timber Pergola with 800 PERGOLA! We are inventing more ways to transform pergolas into more durable establishments for your homes in Dubai and around. Find out more about Thermowood pergolas at www.800pergola.com by contacting our team at [email protected] or just call us at 800-737-4652.

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