Upgrade your PERGOLAS to utter luxury with 800 PERGOLA 800 Pergola - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Upgrade your PERGOLAS to utter luxury with 800 PERGOLA

upgrade your pergolas to utter Luxury with 800 Pergola

The improvement in technology remains uncompromising even in manufacturing pergolas with the incorporation/adoption of laser cut CNC pergolas which are on trend at present. If you are a nature lover and have a huge backyard in your outdoor space, then you should definitely fall in love with the latest CNC pergolas that can beautify your house or building, without any doubt. If you already have a pergola in place and worried how to get on to the laser cut one, do not worry. 800 PERGOLA, in order to extensively serve its customer needs, has launched providing installation of CNC laser cut pergolas in no time.

How perfectly 800 PERGOLA is capable of carving CNC cut laser pergolas?

800 PERGOLA is an expert pergola designing and installation services providing company that has a versatile experience in dealing with pergola construction for more than a decade. With working over 30 to 40 projects, 800 PERGOLA has accomplished success in being the best pergola designer in Dubai and never fallen behind without accustoming the latest trend. Like how we have modern pergolas and traditional pergolas, 800 PERGOLA has now entered into providing laser cut CNC pergolas.

With the strongest team of pergola designers, highly qualified pergola experts to tell you which is the right move in choosing the best pergola, 800 PERGOLA has been excelling in offering quality laser cut pergolas of your choice.

More than traditional or modern pergolas, the laser cut CNC type gives you good finishing and can be installed in no time as soon as you receive the pergola designs. Now upgrading your pergolas to the latest trend on one hand, on the other hand, you can your existing pergolas and upgrade it to make it look luxurious.

Benefits of upgrading your existing pergolas through 800 PERGOLA

  • Making proper and colourful furnishings in your pergola same like how you have made to your indoors can make it look beautiful and perfect. Right from flooring and pergola colour, curtains, furniture and accessories, arrange everything that suits your indoor decoration, and your outdoor decoration also looks splendid.
  • Provide comfortable seating to your guests with cushions and quilts, so they linger for a longer period in your pergola.
  • Keep chairs more flexible to engage closer conversation so that you or your guests can easily pull in or pull-out chairs and sit with utmost comfort.
  • Get your partition wall decorated from the essence of fashioned vintage screen door which makes a sense of enclosure, to your pergola.
  • Hang a no-wire candle chandelier to set a great entertaining mood for your nights to remain brightened.
  • If you have a light-coloured pergola, go for bright-coloured furniture. It makes the entire place look vibrant and attractive as well.
  • Go for beautifully patterned floor mats individually for furniture which makes your pergola, the perfect place for any occasion you spend in it.
  • If you don’t want to use curtains, you can grow large plants and keep your background green, so it gives a natural look to other’s views.
  • You can build a leafy archway at the entrance of your pergola, and it beautifully changes your outdoor like a feel of living around a forest.


Upgrading your pergolas can be made in different ways. Either you modify and decorate your existing pergola with more ideas that we have mentioned in this blog or you can make a changeover to the latest technology in place with a newly designed pergola. For any help regarding your pergolas, you can get in touch with 800 PERGOLA, the pergola designing experts in Dubai at 055-380-5148, without a second thought because we are making it happen with our 15+ years of experience in the field.

You can even visit our website www.800pergola.com to get an idea of how an ideal pergola will look like and to see our works as well.