How Different Is A Wooden Pergola From An Aluminum Pergola?

How Different Is A Wooden Pergola From An Aluminum Pergola? Wooden pergola, Aluminum Pergola in dubai, Best Pergola Designer in dubai

Many of you may have the desire to get a pergola installed on your outdoor, but confusion arises when choosing the right material for that pergola. Therefore we have come up with this pergola guide to help you understand where a wooden pergola fits and where an aluminum one does, so you get the suitable one.

Although both wooden and aluminium pergolas are meant for providing shade& make space more attractive, there are few factors that differentiate them.So let’s discuss the pros and cons of each material to have better clarity and suitability to your living space.

#1: Costs

Compared to aluminium, wooden pergolas materials are less expensive but when it comes to labour cost, wooden pergolas take huge effort than aluminium. If you are building a pergola for your own purpose, wooden pergolas will be more suitable.

However aluminium pergolas can be built faster compared to wooden pergola and it has limitations in designing the aluminium pergola but wooden pergola can be erected in many different designs; therefore, it makes the cost of both wooden and aluminium comparable.

#2: Maintenance

Aluminium pergolas do not require continuous maintenance once they are installed perfectly. Since aluminium has a smooth and nonporous surface and has the tendency to adapt to weathering, you need not think of repainting your pergola unless it experiences any external damage.

Wood as a material naturally ages with the weather and may require sanding, staining, painting, or sealing every few years. Therefore, when it comes to maintenance, aluminium pergolas look perfect in the long run.

#3: Design options

Majority of aluminium pergolas are made using prefabricated tubes. Although it allows some custom elements to be added, still the basic design, shape, and size options are limited. But wood is more versatile and allows you customize it to any size and shape as you need.

Though aluminium provides scrollwork, angles, and curves, still wood comes with more customizable options.

#4: Suitable for weather of Gulf regions

During summer, UAE experiences extreme hot weather at temperatures reaching even to 50 degrees in some areas.An aluminium pergola may not suit the extreme hot weather and can turn hazardous for your little ones since it is made of aluminium and attracts heat, whereas a wooden pergola is weather-friendly since wood sustains extreme heat in summer and allow your little ones to play around pergola. Compared to aluminium, wooden pergolas are considered safer and comfort during summer.

#5: Weight considerations

Aluminium is lightweight and better suited for installing on decks or in any other areas          but a minimum weight is required. If you want your pergolas to be installed on ground, then wooden pergolas are best suited. Pergolas that are heavier are less prone to wind and minor damages and can be immediately repaired by simply replacing the damaged boards.


You can build as many pergolas if you have enough living space in the backyard. But while choosing between wooden and aluminium be sure that the material matches your requirement in all the ways, so you do not feel bad about investing in pergolas in the long run. Depending on your house/building construction and affordability, necessity, select the right material.

If you need an expert suggestion on choosing the right material and design for pergolas, get in touch with 800 PERGOLA, the expert in pergolas designing and installation, at 055-380-5148.

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